Desert Star Dance

What makes Desert Star Dance different from other studios? At DSD, we take pride in all of our dance programs and treat our students and their families with the respect that they deserve. Our recreational, specialty session, parks and recreation, as well as our company program dancers are all equally as important to our [...]

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Elite Dance Academy

ABOUT US Gia Waxman and Myrta George, bring years of experience as professional dancers, teachers and choreographers with regional, national and international dance studios and performing companies. Now, both have teamed up to share their expertise in the dance field with a new generation of dance students at the Elite Dance Academy. Helping Your [...]

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Elektro Dance Academy

Created from the original members of Elektrolytes Dance Crew, the winners of America’s Best Dance Crew season 7 on MTV,  Elektro Dance Academy was created to help catapult the next generation of dancers into their dance careers! With top-tier loving and caring teachers, Elektro Dance Academy stands out from the rest.  Teachers, Directors, and even [...]

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